Corona outbreak will not postpone simultaneous local elections

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The outbreak of Covid-19 disease or coronavirus that is happening in various regions in Indonesia is unlikely to affect the implementation of simultaneous local elections held this year. The reason is, the KPU emphasized that the delay option was never included in the discussion.

This was conveyed by the Commissioner of the General Elections Commission (KPU), Pramono Ubaid Tanthowi. According to him, there was no plenary meeting to discuss the postponement of the Simultaneous Regional Election in 2020 due to the increasingly widespread Corona virus outbreak. “There is no (postponement of the election election plenary). We will have an ordinary plenary meeting,” Pramono said, Monday (3/16).

According to him, even if there was a plenary meeting, it was done to discuss how the implementation of the stages of the elections were adjusted to the Corona pandemic conditions. However, until now his party has no option to postpone the elections.

Furthermore Pramono gave an example, technical the work arrangement from home. Especially KPU offices in areas suspected of having been infected by the Corona virus.

Also related to the technical aspects so that the implementation of factual verification of support of individual candidates by PPS (at the village / kelurahan level) also guarantees the safety and health of field officers and support teams that carry out factual verification.

“Because this factual verification is massive, we want to ensure that the process does not become a medium for the spread of the Corona outbreak. Now, those technical matters which we will discuss in our plenary today,” he concluded.

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