Crucial Role of Youth Voters in Shaping Terengganu’s Political Landscape

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crucial role of youth voters in shaping terengganu’s political landscape

As Terengganu residents get ready to cast their votes on Saturday, August 12, the influence of the youth vote is being highlighted. Political parties are aware of the relevance of this dynamic demographic in the approaching election, given that more than half of the population in the state is under 40. This article explores the crucial role that young voters will play in determining the political climate in Terengganu, as well as the tactics and commitments made by various parties to win their support.

Political parties fighting for power in Terengganu have begun to prioritise winning the youth vote. Parties are very aware of the potential influence these young voters could have; thus, they frequently appear in election manifestos and campaign methods. The significance of the youth is highlighted by the fact that they make up more than half of the electorate in the state, setting the stage for their decisions to influence Terengganu’s future course.

Political parties have created plans and promise to fulfil the needs and aspirations of this population because they understand how critical young voters are. The Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), which has pledged to establish a US$1.1 million youth entrepreneurship fund and provide interest-free loans to purchase motorcycles, is one such instance. This dedication demonstrates how the youth are seen as “kingmakers” in elections, as expressed by Ariffin Deraman, the PAS election director.

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Young voters are intensively courted by the unity government alliance, which consists of Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan. A youth welfare foundation, career training programs, and financial aid for students are some of its strategies. These programs are meant to rekindle support among young voters and attend to their particular needs and issues.

It is becoming increasingly evident as the election in Terengganu approaches that youth voting will significantly impact the results. More than half of the electorate in the state is under 40; thus, the choices made by young people will indeed affect the political landscape of Terengganu in the future. The promises and plans put out by different political parties show a clear understanding of how crucial it is to meet the demands and ambitions of the youth demographic. The impact of the youth vote on the election’s result will ultimately reflect their function as agents of change and the state’s future growth.

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