DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency plans to create Super Apps for modes of transportation, combine Gojek and Grab

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The DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) plans to create a special transportation application called “Super Apps” which involves various modes of transportation.

This application is likely to unite the two largest online transportation providers, Gojek and Grab, in one platform.

Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo in a virtual discussion, Wednesday (5/8), explained that this application will support the integration of transportation modes in Greater Jakarta.

“We will put online transportation in the future development plan, the term is Super Apps. It also includes Grab and Gojek, both two- or four-wheeled online vehicles,” he said in the SBM ITB webinar on Wednesday.

Syafrin said online transportation has an important role as a feeder to mass transportation modes.

Therefore, it is important to involve online transportation in the integration of transportation modes in the Capital City.

However, Syafrin explained that the super application was not a substitute for the Grab and Gojek applications that currently exist. But, it functions as a ‘comparison’ tool for all online and conventional modes of transportation.

Later, in this super application, the public can see what modes of transportation can be used to travel the route. At the same time, you can see the travel costs that are likely to be incurred when using this mode of transportation.

With this super apps, the community can consider and choose the mode of transportation to use. This will also help people to have a good financial plan, on a daily or monthly basis. “So it is hoped that this can reduce transportation costs, which are currently very high in Jakarta,” concluded Syarif.

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