Drinking not a sin in Christianity, only condemns drunkenness, Church leaders tell PAS MP

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PETALING JAYA – Church leaders on Friday told PAS lawmaker who claimed all religions prohibited the consumption of alcohol that Christianity does not forbid liqour but Bible clearly states that it condemns intoxication and debauchery.

Director of the Catholic Research Centre in the archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur Rev Clarence Devadass said that the Church is not against the alcohol per se but rather the drunkeness and abuse that result in harm.

He said that even small amount of wine is even used for the Catholic Mass celebration. The Bible in fact does not forbid wine but being drunk is considered a sin.

The comment was made after Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh’s claim in Dewan Rakyat that ‘Jesus Christ forbade the consumption of liquor and  that the Bible was later “manipulated”.

Council of Churches Malaysia general secretary Rev Hermen Shastri also echoed Clarence’s comment saying alcohol consumption has been used for centuries worldwide for religious celebrations and medical purposes.

Hermen added that the PAS MP should not impose his views to others where a diverse society, we need a governance that is based on rational thinking and not based on the religious high ground.

Christian Federation of Malaysia executive secretary Tan Kong Beng suggested that Islamist party lawmaker Nik Zawawi should take another look on what he was able to study about Christianity.

Tan said that consuming alcohol was not a sin but rather overindulgence in wine is what will lead us astray, according to Proverbs 20:1. He also suggested that it would be better for everyone to come together and learn from each other so the country can achieved religious harmony.

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