Duterte and Gordon’s Exchange of Opinions Intensify

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President Duterte has charged Sen. Richard Gordon, who is driving the test on the detailed misusing of the Department of Health (DOH’s) COVID-19 assets, of utilizing the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) as a “milking cow” for his alleged electing effort in 2022. The Chief Executive proceeded with his outburst against the congressperson in his standard public location as the Senate Blue Ribbon panel, led by Gordon, is set to direct its third hearing on the DOH‘s pandemic assets one week from now.

In his past broadcast address that Duterte had kidded about the representative’s actual form. Gordon is simultaneously the director and CEO of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), a non-government helpful association.

The President scrutinized the intention of the Blue Ribbon’s investigation into government’s acquisition of COVID-19 supplies, including face covers, face safeguards and individual defensive gear, which a few congresspersons said were overrated.

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In view of this, Duterte said it is exploitative that Gordon holds the PRC chairmanship while being congressperson simultaneously.

Sen. Richard Gordon remained resolute by President Duterte’s assaults, saying the most recent outbursts were one more endeavor to divert individuals from debasement embarrassments shaking the organization.

Along with this, Gordon shared that he was asking why Duterte was making claims about his 2022 constituent mission – apparently utilizing assets from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) – when he has not made any declaration on future political plans.

He said he concurred with Sen. Panfilo Lacson that Duterte was currently in alarm mode as the Senate Blue Ribbon advisory group, which he seats, is getting increasingly more proof of bad behavior in the public authority’s treatment of COVID-19 assets.

The Senate Blue Ribbon board of trustees is examining the detailed misusing by the Department of Health of some P67 billion in COVID-19 assets, including the exchange of P42 billion to the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) without appropriate documentation.

The moved assets were utilized to secure supposedly overrated COVID-19 supplies from organizations connected to Duterte or his high ranking representatives and companions, and with sketchy history.

The 20 PRC lead representatives said Gordon is an unsalaried volunteer like the remainder of the Board, who has changed the PRC into the responsive and modernized establishment that it is today.

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