Explore Top 8 Adult Swimming Classes in Metro Manila

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explore top 8 adult swimming classes in metro manila

There are plenty of choices accessible for individuals in Metro Manila who want to start swimming from the beginning or improve their skills. Whether your goal is to overcome your fear of the water or enhance your technique for fitness or competitive swimming, these 8 best adult swimming classes provide professional guidance and a friendly atmosphere to support you in reaching your aquatic objectives.

1. Swim Central PH

Only adults are eligible for PH’s Basic Swimming Program, which welcomes even total novices with no prior swimming experience. You should be able to swim one of your preferred swim strokes (breaststroke or freestyle) and be able to tread water and float by the conclusion of six sessions. The cost is PHP 2,999.00 for six sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours.

2. Easy Swim PH

To accommodate swimmers of various skill levels, ‘Easy Swim PH’ provides a variety of adult swimming lessons. In group courses, which include a minimum of eight pupils, coaches offer direction and training to assist swimmers improve their abilities, endurance, and correct technique. Their basic classes are popular and fill up quickly, so they advise enrolling as soon as possible. 

The sessions are divided into two categories where they charge PHP1000, good for two sessions (hours range depending on the venue 2-3 hours) for ages 28-65 whereas PHP2500, good for six sessions (1 hour) for ages 18-27.

3. Bert Lozada Swim School

The adult swimming programs offered by ‘Bert Lozada Swim School’ range from complete beginner sessions to stroke correction to triathlon training. Do not worry if you are unsure about the program to sign up for; a free swim assessment is available. The location and number of sessions (either 5 or 10 sessions/package) affect the rates.

4. Swimtravel PH

The best-selling Beginner + Survival Program from ‘Swimtravel PH’ is perfect for adults with no prior swimming experience. Some of the abilities you should have by the end of this program include the capacity to tread water for more than a minute, to know the fundamentals of breaststroke, and the correct pencil dive technique (for cliff diving!). The fee is Php3,200 (group class) or Php6,500 (private 1:1 class) for five sessions.

5. Chito Rivera Swim School

Do you find the water frightening? You may overcome your worries by signing up for adult swimming courses like the Aquadults Class at ‘Chito Rivera Swim School’. With the help of the adapted swimming program Aquadults, people may learn more structured swimming methods and the fundamentals of swimming, giving them the confidence to manage themselves in the water. They charge Php6,750 for 10 sessions.

6. CAL Swim School

The excellent swimming programs of ‘CAL Swim School’, formerly known as Coach A. Lim Swim School, have produced several Olympians in the past 12 years. However, don’t be afraid—beginners are also welcome! It provides a range of adult education programs, including both group and private instruction. Prices start at PHP 5, 500 for ten sessions and vary according to the location.

7. The Noodies Swim School

The Noodies provides private swim lessons anywhere you want, making it perfect for those who already have access to pools. Classes run from forty-five and an hour. The Noodies derive their name from nudibranchs, which are colorful marine animals with elaborate patterns. Depending on the quantity of students, a 10-class package costs different amounts.

8. MNL-Swimming Lessons

Adult swimmers of all skill levels can enroll in private lessons at MNL-Swimming Lessons. They offer the ideal curriculum for you whether you’re an experienced swimmer trying to refine your technique or a total novice. To enable everyone to learn at their own pace and comfort level, they offer individualized one-on-one coaching and training.

These top eight adult swimming courses in Metro Manila provide a variety of alternatives to meet your goals, whether you’re a beginner or want to improve your abilities for fitness or competition. With cutting-edge facilities, individualized teaching, and knowledgeable teachers, you may dive into swimming excellence and start a fulfilling road to swimming mastery amid the energetic Metro Manila skyline.

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