Google will expand generative AI tool and new features

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google will expand generative ai tool and new features

Google’s parent company Alphabet will allow users to experiment with new features using artificial intelligence (AI), as the company aims to maintain its position in a market.

Alphabet Inc., an American multinational technology conglomerate created through a restructuring of Google, has introduced new features that display content created by artificial intelligence (AI). People can experiment with this feature while they browse the web.

Earlier this year, Google also released “search generative experience” or SGE, which uses generative AI to show the customary list of results. 

Google said on Tuesday that the SGE would expand further. Google will add features to allow readers to use the AI tool on websites beyond Google’s search engine, making things easier to understand. 

Rany Ng, the Vice President of Product Management at Google Search at Google, said in a blog post that the feature was designed to help people summarise longer articles. 

The users can go to “explore on page” to access the articles about an AI-generated list of key points, which provides answers to different questions. 

Rany Ng said, “It does not provide key points on articles marked as paywalled, and publishers are in control.” 

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Google also announced that it would begin showing definitions within its AI-generated content in order to make SGE more accessible to developers. 

Reportedly, the new feature called ‘Search Generative Experience While Browsing’ can be used in the Google app on Android and iOS. 

Google is an American multinational technology company, which focuses on various things. The company is focused on artificial intelligence, search engine technology, cloud computing, quantum computing, and e-commerce.

In recent months, Google has been in the limelight. It has reportedly introduced various products and services. Recently, Google also tested its AI tool, “Genesis,” which can generate news articles. It can reportedly help journalists write news stories quickly. 

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