Govt Grant Boosts EV Chargers Installation in Singapore Condos

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govt grant boosts ev chargers installation in singapore condos

Singapore is seeing a growing demand for installation of EV chargers in condominiums after the government stepped up grant. This surge comes despite Singapore’s electric vehicle adoption rate for private vehicles being low. But attractive incentives and a strong public charging infrastructure is bound to boost future demand. 

The Land Transport Authority said that 578 EV chargers have been installed, as of August, at 212 non-landed private residences with the support of the EV Common Charger Grant, compared to 267 chargers installed at 107 condos with the government’s support as at March. There were 66 such chargers in July 2022 at 27 condos. 

Companies expect more condos to take up EV chargers installations as the government grant is available till the end of 2025. Adoption of EV chargers will be made easier by new laws that lower the threshold needed to pass resolutions for the installation of EV chargers as part of the Singapore government’s Electric Vehicles Charging Act (2022). This includes lowering the voting threshold for the installation of EV chargers in condos to 50 percent of residents, down from 90 percent. 

Singapore Sees Surge in Hybrid and EVs

Data suggest that Singapore is seeing an increase in the number of hybrid and electric four-wheelers, like cars, taxis and goods vehicles. The government is working towards phasing out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040. As such, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), governmental entities, fleet managers and other stakeholders are working together in an effort to accelerate EV adoption rate. 

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There’s also a noted competition in Singapore’s EV sector, with the coming of Tesla. Reports highlighted Hyundai is set to take on the American company by building the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore. This will be an R&D center and small-scale production facility. It will help forge a new supply chain by manufacturing up to 30,000 vehicles. 

Companies Hope for More EV Chargers Resolution

Dean Cher, head of mobility at SP Group (EV charging provider), said when the implementation hurdle is lower, they hope more resolutions will be passed. The company used the grant for a third of its 200 charging points at more than 60 condos. 

The Singapore Government’s EV Common Charger Grant is capped at $4,000 for each charger. It covers the charging equipment, the services of a licensed electrical worker, and costs of cabling and charger installation. This grant is available for installation of chargers only. The government intends to speed-up the roll-out of chargers. Applicants have up to six months to install the chargers and submit their claims to the government.

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