Hallyu Visa Program vs Other Visas: What’s Different?

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hallyu visa program vs other visas what's different

South Korea is launching a new visa program for foreigners who are interested in learning about Korean culture and entertainment, also known as Hallyu or the Korean Wave. The Hallyu visa program, which will be implemented in the first half of 2022, is expected to attract more global talents and fans to the country, and to boost its cultural and creative industries¹.

What is the Hallyu visa program?

The Hallyu visa program is a special type of travel visa that will allow foreigners to stay in South Korea for longer than 90 days, if they enroll in an entertainment-related education program. 

The program will cover various fields, such as music, drama, film, animation, and gaming, and will provide opportunities for foreigners to learn from Korean experts and professionals, and to experience the Korean entertainment industry and content creation process¹.

The Hallyu visa program is part of the South Korean government’s initiative to promote and support its cultural content, which has gained worldwide popularity and recognition in recent years, thanks to the success of K-pop groups, such as BTS and Blackpink, K-dramas, such as Crash Landing on You and Squid Game, and movies, such as Parasite and Train to Busan. 

The government hopes that the Hallyu visa program will help foster more cultural exchange and cooperation, and create more jobs and income for the local industry¹.

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How is the Hallyu visa program different from other visas?

The Hallyu visa program is different from other visas in several ways, such as:

  • The Hallyu visa program is specifically designed for foreigners who have an interest and passion for Korean culture and entertainment, and who want to pursue a career or a hobby in the field. Other visas, such as the tourist visa, the student visa, or the work visa, are more general and have different purposes and requirements.
  • The Hallyu visa program is more flexible and accessible than other visas, as it does not have strict age or academic qualifications, and it does not require a sponsor or an invitation from a Korean institution or organization. Other visas, such as the student visa or the work visa, may have more limitations and conditions, and may require more documents and procedures.
  • The Hallyu visa program is more beneficial and rewarding than other visas, as it offers more opportunities and experiences for foreigners to learn and enjoy Korean culture and entertainment, and to network and collaborate with Korean experts and professionals. Other visas, such as the tourist visa or the student visa, may have less exposure and interaction with the local industry and content.

The Hallyu visa program, therefore, is a unique and innovative visa program that will cater to the growing demand and interest of foreigners who want to learn and experience Korean culture and entertainment, and who want to contribute and participate in the Korean Wave. 

The Hallyu visa program, however, is not without challenges and risks, as it may face legal, technical, and practical issues, and as it may have implications for the quality and diversity of Korean culture and entertainment. The Hallyu visa program, therefore, should be implemented and managed with caution and responsibility, and with respect for the rights and interests of all parties involved.

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