Honorary Teachers Ask President to Issue Presidential Decree

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Chairperson of Teachers and Non-Category Honorary Education Personnel 35 Years and Over (GTKHNK 35+) Nasrullah Center, requested support from all Provincial Governments, Regional Governments and DPRDs throughout Indonesia so that President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo issuing a Presidential Decree (Keppres) on the appointment of noncategory honorary teachers to become civil servants.

He said, the GTKHNK 35+ Center continued to fight for the improvement of their status as civil servants, as well as the equivalent salary for regency / city minimum wages (UMK).

Nasrullah explained, the National Coordination Meeting for teachers and non-category honorary staff aged over 35 years, held on February 20, 2020 in Jakarta, resulted in two points being directed at the government.

“Namely, lift GTKHNK 35+ into civil servants without a test through the Presidential Decree, and pay UMK salaries for honorary GTK under the age of 35 from the state budget by being paid monthly,” explained Nsrullah, Friday (6/3).

He also mentioned, various efforts will continue to be carried out by GTKHNK 35+ to realize these two demands. Among them adding support from the Regional Government, DPRD, and PGRI from all over Indonesia.

“I have promised myself to be able to make honorary teacher friends and education staff get their rights, namely welfare by becoming civil servants, not ASN but PNS,” Nasrullah said.

Until now, Nasrullah said that the support they had pocketed was 100 district / city governments. However, that amount is not enough to encourage the central government to issue the requested Keppres.

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