How Japan Airlines Evacuated 400 People in 90 Seconds After Plane Crash

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how japan airlines evacuated 400 people in 90 seconds after plane crash

On December 27, 2023, a Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER jet carrying 392 passengers and crew members caught fire and crashed shortly after takeoff from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, Japan’s busiest airport. The incident, which was caused by a bird strike that damaged the left engine, could have been a major disaster, but miraculously, everyone on board survived and escaped without serious injuries.

The article by Channel News Asia¹ reports that the successful evacuation of the burning jet was the result of a combination of factors, such as the quick response of the pilots, the crew, the airport staff, and the coast guard, the availability of emergency equipment and facilities, and the calm and orderly behavior of the passengers. 

The article also highlights the role of emergency preparedness and training, which enabled the crew and the passengers to follow the standard procedures and protocols in such a situation.

The situation cites experts and officials who praised the professionalism and competence of the crew, who managed to land the plane safely on a runway near the sea, activate the emergency slides, and evacuate the passengers within 90 seconds, as required by the international aviation regulations. The incident also quotes some of the passengers, who said they were well-informed and instructed by the crew, and that they followed the safety guidelines, such as leaving behind their luggage and personal belongings, and wearing life jackets.

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The situation also points out that the crew and the passengers had undergone regular and rigorous emergency drills and simulations, which prepared them for the worst-case scenario. 

The incident says that Japan Airlines, like other airlines, conducts mandatory emergency training for its crew every year, and that the passengers are also required to watch a safety video and read a safety card before every flight. The article says that these measures help to raise the awareness and readiness of the crew and the passengers, and to reduce the panic and confusion in the event of an emergency.

The situation concludes by saying that the Japan Airlines jet crash is a rare and remarkable case of a successful evacuation, and that it serves as a reminder and a lesson for the aviation industry and the public. Sources say that the crash shows the importance of emergency preparedness and training, which can save lives and minimize the damage in the face of a crisis. The incident also indicates that the crash shows the need for constant vigilance and improvement, as the aviation industry faces new and evolving challenges and risks.

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