Indonesia develops surveillance app to bolster contact tracing, tracking confirmed Covid-19 cases

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Amid pandemic of coronavirus or Covid-19, public needs to get the correct and updated information from the cases. The Communications and Information Ministry, in collaboration with the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Ministry, has developed a mobile app that enables users to compile data related to the spread of the virus in their communities. By this app, also helps bolster the government’s efforts to trace and track confirmed cases, as well as suspected patients across the country.

The homegrown app, dubbed PeduliLindungi for the time being, cross references the data stored on its users’ mobile devices through Bluetooth connection.

According to their official website, the app enables an anonymous exchange of identities when a user is in the vicinity of another user whose data has been uploaded to PeduliLindungi.

If a user is found to have been in close proximity with confirmed suspected cases under surveillance, the app will identify them. Such a feature is expected to help fill in the blanks regarding travel history and close contacts that are vital to contact tracing and case tracking.

PeduliLindungi also claims that privacy of the user will be safe. Their data will be encrypted and not be disclosed to any other party.

The app, which is undergoing a stress test, will be available for download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store upon launch. 

National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesperson Agus Wibowo said the government was preparing the app’s database by collecting contact details of confirmed and suspected cases.

“The [COVID-19] task force will track the phone numbers to learn about where they’ve been and whom they’ve met,” Agus said on Saturday.

He added, that the system would then send text messages to confirmed and suspected cases, reminding them to consult with a doctor. 

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