Indonesia Orders Boeing’s 24 F-15EX ‘World’s Best Dogfighter’

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indonesia orders boeing’s 24 f 15ex ‘world’s best dogfighter’

Amid growing tensions in the South China Sea, Indonesia has inked a MoU with Boeing to acquire 24 F-15EX fighter jets. The agreement was signed at St. Louis’s Boeing facility during Indonesia’s Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto’s high-official visit to the US. He said the state-of-the-art fighter will protect and secure Indonesia with its advanced capabilities. 

Dubbed Eagle II, the F-15EX is the most advanced iteration of the fighter to date. It boasts enhanced capabilities like a new electronic warfare suite. The F-15EX is the most advanced version of the F-15 ever built, with digital fly-by-wire flight controls, a new electronic warfare system, an all-glass digital cockpit, and the latest mission systems and software capabilities. 

It features affordability, speed, range, heavy-weapon payload capacity, digital backbone, and open architecture. With the F-15EX, armed forces can carry a large number of missiles in support of the F-35 aircraft and provide firepower to destroy threats detected by the F-35 during combat operations. It’s also capable of launching hypersonic weapons up to 22ft long, providing an advantage in future near-peer conflicts. 

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Mark Sears, Boeing Fighters vice president and program manager, said they have invested years of expertise into developing the F-15EX capabilities. “There is no other fighter like the F-15 in the world, and this platform will put Indonesia at the top of air dominance capabilities. Boeing is ready to support this effort and remains a committed partner to the US government in advancing international security objectives with allies and partners around the world.” 

This fighter jet is also being sought after by the US Air Force as it seeks to recapitalize its aging fighter fleet. Currently, seven countries in the world – Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, and the US, have the F-15, with Indonesia to soon join them. 

Furthermore, the F-15EX is powered by two F110-GE-129 engines; each can generate a thrust of 29,000Ib, and can fly at a speed of Mach 2.5.

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