Indonesia Wants to Ease Burden of African Countries, Increase Financial Stability

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indonesia wants to ease burden of african countries, increase financial stability

As Indonesia gets more recognition as a developing country, it is paying attention to African countries, underdeveloped countries, and landlocked developing countries. As such, Indonesia recently attended a meeting “Changing Currents, Reclaiming Lost Foundations and Starting the Path to the SDGs”. 

The Southeast Asian country put the spotlight on capacity building, financial restructuring and technology transfer to address the problems both at home and in states located in the African continent. 

Ivanovich Agusta, Head of the Development and Information Agency of the Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Ministry, said Indonesia had agreed to pay special attention to African countries, underdeveloped countries and landlocked developing countries. It wants to ensure that no country is left behind. Agusta highlighted there are 46 underdeveloped countries, covering 33 countries in Africa, as well as 32 landlocked developing countries, including 17 African countries. “These countries remain disproportionately vulnerable to global crises and external shocks.” 

Indonesia wants to help ease the burden of African countries through three points – add international financial accessibility, strengthen technical assistance and capacity building, and advance technological innovation in the region. It also called to reform the international financial architecture in an effort to provide better access for African countries, underdeveloped countries, and landlocked developing countries

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Indonesia highlighted the need to support the implementation of policies and initiatives that have been outlined in the 2063 African Agenda, the Doha Action Program, and the Vienna Action Program. The Indonesian government aims to promote technology transfer and enhance the country’s technological innovation capacity, to increase productivity, enhance competitiveness, and promote sustainable development.

Furthermore, Indonesia emphasized that international solidarity and cooperation are very important to further support African countries, underdeveloped countries, and landlocked developing countries. Indonesia has also been strengthening bilateral ties with African countries through diplomatic mission to explore economic opportunities and foster collaboration in various sectors.

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