Intermap Tech declares new Malaysian Government Project

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intermap tech declares new malaysian government project

Intermap Technologies, a leader in 3D geospatial data and intelligence solutions, said today that it has won a new government contract in Malaysia to supply 3D elevation data to help the State of Johor Baru determine the root causes of pollution in the Skudai River.

In West Malaysia, the Johor Water Management Authority is performing study to find the points where pollution enters the Johor River. A vital source of freshwater, the Johor River basin provides water to the southern part of West Malaysia, including around 40% of the freshwater supply to the city-state of Singapore. One of West Malaysia’s most contaminated rivers is this one. The government’s key priority include cleaning up the rivers and preventing illicit rubbish dumping.

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Southeast Asian countries and other countries in the cloud belt are challenging to map, according to Patrick A. Blott, Chairman and CEO of Intermap. “Governments benefit from new 3D data and archive products for managing natural resources and water resources, which are crucial components of environmental protection and climate resilience, thanks to our unique technology that penetrates cloud cover.”

Intermap’s adaptable 3D elevation datasets and analytics are used for a range of environmental tasks, including pollution control, the development of renewable energy sources, the management of water resources, and sustainable land use. Governments are under increasing pressure to invest more resources, thus the Company’s multi-use data and analytics are being used in climate resilience projects for flood mitigation and stormwater infrastructure.

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