Japan’s ‘Gundam’-like robot worth $3 mln: All you need to know

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japan's 'gundam' like robot worth $3 mln all you need to know

Japan has developed a robot that looks like “Mobile Suit Gundam” from the popular Japanese animation series. Tsubame Industries, a startup from Tokyo, has made “Mobile Suit Gundam,” with the goal of “turning science fiction into science reality.”

Tokyo-based Tsubame Industries was founded in 2021 for anime lovers. The company wanted to develop robots. What can you expect from Japan’s ‘Gundam’-like robot?

Japan’s ‘Gundam’-like robot

Tsubame has developed Japan’s ‘Gundam’-like robot. It is 4.5-metre-tall (14.8-feet). It looks exactly like “Mobile Suit Gundam.” Tsubame’s debut robot is called ARCHAX. It is a four-wheeled robot with a fully enclosed cockpit.

Price of ARCHAX 

Do you know that ARCHAX is worth $3 million? Yes, you heard it right! Japan’s ‘Gundam’-like robot is on sale for $3 million.

Features of “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot

The “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot is controlled with a pair of joysticks and foot pedals. It receives images from cameras. The player can control the arms and hands with joysticks from inside the torso. The robot’s body is equipped with nine cameras. The camera displays necessary information to the pilot. 

 “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot’s speed

“Mobile Suit Gundam” robot’s speed is around 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) per hour.

 “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot’s weight

“Mobile Suit Gundam” robot’s weight is around 3.5 metric tons (7,716 pounds).

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When will the robot be unveiled?

The robot will be unveiled at the Honda JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 later this month. The robot has the upright ‘robot mode’ and a ‘vehicle mode’. It is battery-powered and can be controlled remotely. 

Tsubame Industries on “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot

Ryo Yoshida, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tsubame Industries, said, “Japan is very good at animation, games, robots and automobiles. I thought it would be great if I could create a product that compressed all these elements into one.”

The robot will be sold to anime lovers. Tsubame is looking to build five units of the robot for its initial batch. 

In 2020, Japan built a 59-feet Gundam robot. The Gundam Model number RX-78F00 robot was 59 feet tall, with a massive weight of 25 tons.

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