Lola Amour’s “Raining in Manila” MV is Getting Bashed: Here’s Why

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lola amour’s “raining in manila” mv is getting bashed here’s why

In an unprecedented turn of events, OPM marvels Lola Amour find themselves sailing uncharted waters as they issued an apology that could rival the complexity of an art house film plot. The band released a 30-second teaser for their hit song “Raining in Manila,” and what ensued was a cinematic controversy.

The teaser, unveiled on October 24, baffled and bewildered as it showcased people joyously singing aboard a boat in a waterlogged Manila. Critics arose, asserting that the teaser was out of touch with reality, with one enigmatic X user stating, “I hope Lola Amour truly delves into metamorphosing the MV theme. It’s tonally challenged. Our nation stays submerged, and there’s no glory in flooding.”

In an unexpected twist, another user summoned the cinematic spirit of “Parasite,” a film that dissects the dark underbelly of social and financial disparities. This user subtly invoked the movie’s themes, constructing a cryptic parallel.

The Band’s Revert

Lola Amour responded, sending shockwaves through the underground. In an enigmatic post, they murmured, “We hear your echoes and grasp the shadows of your discontent. The essence of the teaser eluded us, and for this, we are in the shadows of apology.”

Rather than unraveling the enigma, the band expanded the labyrinth of intrigue. They implored the public to peer beyond the enigma and unlock the door to their music video, insisting that the teaser was but a cryptic cipher to a greater narrative.

To deepen the enigma, they shared cryptic stills from the full music video. In these images, the shadows of their story begin to emerge.

“It’s a tale of a man entwined with his estranged muse, all through the conduit of a mystical gecko, in an alternate timeline where the heavens weep for 1,427 days,” Lola Amour cryptically whispered, tempting viewers to seek the riddle within the riddle.

As Lola Amour invites audiences into this labyrinth of their creation, the question lingers: will this cryptic, undecipherable apology chart a course towards redemption, or shall it submerge deeper into the enigma?

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