Man vandalised cars to force mother to buy him a big bike

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An arrest warrant has been issued for a 23-year-old man for vandalising cars and setting fire to his own house to put pressure on his mother to buy him an expensive motorbike.

The Si Sa Ket provincial court on Thursday approved a warran for the arrest of Jetkhati Wonglert, 23, of Muang district, for causing damage to property and offences posing a danger to other people. Police applied for the warrant after Mr Jetkhati allegedly used a lump of concrete while riding a big bike to smash the rear window of a car parked at Si Sa Ket Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 on March 16. The car belonged to a teacher who was at meeting there.

On Feb 19, 2016, the suspect had asked his mother for money to buy a big bike costing 800,000-900,000 baht. When Ms Rujiraporn did not give him the money, he went on a rampage, attacking and damaging parked cars on four occasions. On Feb 26, 2016, he set his house on fire, to put pressure on his mother. She finally bowed to his demand and gave him the money.

But after getting the big bike, the man did not turn over a new leaf. In 2017, he carried out two similar attacks on parked cars. And recently, he smashed in the windows on other people’s cars on March 10 and on March 16, Pol Col Theppithak said.

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