Manifest season 5 release date, coming or not?

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manifest season 5 release date coming or not

Will there be a fifth season of Manifest? Fans were heartbroken when NBC cancelled the science fiction series Manifest after three seasons because they would never find out what had happened to the passengers of Flight 828.

The TV show was miraculously revived for a fourth season by Netflix, which thankfully intervened and pulled off on November 4. Fans are now anxious to learn if they will have another respite and if the Netflix series may possibly receive a fifth season.

No, there won’t be a fifth season of Manifest. The programme was only resurrected for one more season when Netflix revived it after NBC had cancelled it.

But don’t be concerned. The show is still going on. On November 4, the first ten episodes of Manifest season 4 were released on Netflix. There are still another ten episodes to come. Although Manifest season 4 part 2 doesn’t currently have a release date, we can infer that it will be available on Netflix in the first half of 2023 based on Netflix’s prior release schedule.

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As the episode progressed, viewers discovered more about the bizarre, paranormal occurrences that followed the return of Montego Air Flight 828, including the passengers’ stories of enigmatic callings, visions, and health problems.

After NBC revealed that the premiere date for Manifest Season 5 had been postponed and that there will be no Manifest Season 5, fans were disappointed because many questions remained unanswered. The drama’s projected six-season run had only begun, and despite the fact that the previous season had ended on a cliffhanger, it nonetheless took place.

TV show cancellations are frequently based on ratings, and while Manifest started off with strong ratings, they have been steadily declining each year.

Production costs can also be a factor; since expensive programmes that have low ratings frequently need to be renewed. Lockdowns and Covid-safe rules have had a significant impact on the industry, halting or delaying the creation of TV programmes. As a result, the narrative suggests that there won’t be any official word on whether Manifest Season 5 will be released.

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