Marcos Jr. to Discuss Defense and Green Bonds with Biden in May 2023 Meeting

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marcos jr. to discuss defense and green bonds with biden in may 2023 meeting

Former Philippine Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is expected to meet with US President Joe Biden in May 2023 to discuss defense and green bonds.

The summit, according to reports, would focus on bolstering the Philippines’ military capabilities as well as the country’s efforts to battle climate change. Marcos, who is set to run for president in 2022, wants to demonstrate his dedication to national security and environmental sustainability.

Green bonds have grown in popularity as a tool to finance ecologically beneficial initiatives in recent years. Marcos is reportedly considering issuing green bonds to fund sustainable efforts in the Philippines, such as renewable energy projects and trash management programs.

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The meeting with Biden might be an important chance for Marcos to show his foreign policy credentials and position himself as a leader on subjects like as defense and climate change. It also comes at a time when the Philippines is attempting to deepen ties with the US in the face of rising tensions with China in the South China Sea.

Marcos, the son of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, has come under fire for his family’s heritage of human rights violations and corruption. However, he remains a popular figure in the Philippines, especially among supporters who think his family was handled unjustly after being deposed in the People Power Revolution of 1986.

The conclusion of Marcos and Biden’s discussion might have far-reaching consequences for the Philippines’ future path, notably in terms of foreign policy and environmental sustainability. All eyes will be on Marcos and his intentions to determine the nation’s future as the country prepares for a closely fought presidential election.

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