Ministry’s MCO advice to wives: Talk like Doraemon

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KUALA LUMPUR – The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry ssued a set of recommendations on how to manage their households during  MCO, one of which is talking in “Doraemon’s voice” while addressing their husbands.

In a poster directed at mothers working from home, the ministry suggested several tips specifically aimed towards woman on how to avoid domestic arguments with their husband. The post were shared on Facebook and Instagram where they were deleted a day later.

“If you see your husband carry out a task in a manner that clashes with your own method, avoid nagging,” the ministry said in a since deleted post.

The ministry also encourages to “mimic the tone and giggling of Doraemon” and also advised women to wear make up and dress neatly while they are at home.

Rosana Isa, executive director of civil society organization Sisters in Islam thinks the post were offensive and inappropriate, saying  it creates an impression that wives must please their husbands and abide by certain rules in order to achieve peaceful household.

“It reinforces negative gender stereotypes against women and men, as it implies that women are the only ones responsible for house chores. The burden of housework should be shared by both husband and wife,” she added.

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