Mordhau Goes Free on Epic Games Store in April 2023

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mordhau goes free on epic games store in april 2023

Fans of games that focus on medieval fighting will be pleased to learn that the Epic Games Store has revealed the titles that will be made available free of charge during the month of April 2023. For a limited time only, the hugely successful multiplayer game Mordhau will be offered as a free download on the platform.

Since its release in 2019, the first-person medieval combat video game Mordhau, which was developed by Triternion and is played from the first-person perspective, has amassed a significant fan base. The gameplay places a strong emphasis on both player ability and strategic planning, allowing players to engage in fierce combat employing a wide array of weapons and strategies.

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This statement is being made as part of the ongoing initiative that the Epic Games Store has been doing to provide its consumers with free games on a monthly basis. Control, Grand Theft Auto V, and Subnautica are just a few examples of the free games that were available in the past.

Free downloads of two other games will be available from the Epic Games Store during the month of April 2023, in addition to Mordhau. The titles of these games have not yet been disclosed; nevertheless, the retailer has a track record of providing customers with a wide variety of games, including both independent treasures and AAA blockbusters.

The announcement that Mordhau will be available for free download and play on the Epic Games Store in April 2023 is sure to delight those individuals who are already enthusiastic about the game. This is a wonderful chance for new players to get a taste of the game, and for longtime devotees to expose their friends to the exciting world of warfare set in the middle ages.

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