National Exam 2020 Discharged, Nadiem: More Risks than ‘Benefit’. How about graduation results?

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Minister of Education Nadiem Makarim stated that the National Examination (UN) in the midst of the Covid-19 virus pandemic had more risks than benefits for students and administrators of the exam if they were determined to do it.

“We also already know that the UN is not a requirement for graduation or a higher education entry selection requirement, I think at the Ministry of Education and Culture, there are more risks than benefits to continue the UN,” Nadiem said.

Previously, Nadiem had held an online meeting with the People’s Representative Council (DPR) Commission X on Monday (3/23/2020), and agreed to establish the UN level at elementary, junior high, senior high school year 2020 by eliminating the rate of spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia.

“The number one reason for the basic principles of the Ministry of Education and Culture is the safety and health of our students and the safety of the students’ families, if conducting a National Examination in testing places can pose health risks,” Nadiem said.

Because conditions are still not conducive, Nadiem still appealed to all Indonesian people to always be vigilant and follow the policies made by the government for the common good and security.

Nadiem hopes that the whole community is more serious in following social distancing and physical distancing policies, especially for those who live with parents over 60 years, because older people are more vulnerable to infection.

He asserted that no school could conduct a face-to-face examination, resulting in the gathering of students in one class.

Then, how to determine graduation for all students? Regarding this matter, Nadiem passing it to the schools to create their own graduation program, by giving examples of options for conducting the National Examination online or accumulating student grades from the last 5 semesters.

“It is not permissible to conduct face-to-face tests that collect students in class, school exams can be administered through many options, for example online or other semester 5 numbers (grades) that are determined by each school,” said Nadiem.

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