Not going to supermarket, how to do online grocery shopping during coronavirus pandemic

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Last updated on May 13th, 2021 at 05:58 am

Panic buying, was the response of public following the first cases of the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19 in Indonesia announced by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on March 2. People have been stockpiling supplies for self-quarantine at home.

Local residents are now worried due to as the number of cases continues to increase. Some of them as much as possible trying to avoid the potential of catching the highly contagious virus from other shoppers at the supermarket, then starting to shop for groceries online.

However, the problem does not stop there. Because, when you having your package of groceries delivered to your doorstep,  you cannot be too cautious as the virus from the courier or from the surface of the packages may be transmitted, although the chances are small.

So, how to keep safe from the lethal disease when you do online grocery shopping, please check list of steps below.

Use contactless delivery

If it is possible, when you order groceries, chat with your courier to have the items delivered to your doorstep or somewhere nearby.

However, if you still wish to meet the courier face-to-face, keep a safe distance from them by following advice from The World Health Organization (WHO) to maintain at least 1-meter distance from one another. Please be more cautious, especially from those who are coughing or sneezing.

Like in action movies that the actor doing an illegal drugs transaction, you can ask the courier to put down the package. Then, pick the package when the courier has backed off. This is the safest way to protect yourself as well as the courier.

Use electronic payment and tipping

Choose electronic transactions for your payment and tipping. This way enables minimum physical interaction between you and the courier. Who knows there are invisible germs when touching cash bills and change, so you can reduce the chances.

Also, most online grocery shopping apps prefer the use of cashless transactions anyway. Cashless transactions usually have more discount options, so you can take advantage of it.

Wash packages and fresh produce thoroughly

Your groceries and their packaging may have traces of other people’s hands when they are picked and packed. So, you are advisable to wash the boxes and bags that come with the groceries. For better cleanliness, wash it with soap and water and dry them before storing.

For the packaging like paper and cardboard boxes cannot be washed; however, studies have found that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 cannot survive on cardboard surfaces longer than 24 hours.

For food, like fruit and vegetables, also advisable to wash it with water and liquid soap designed for washing fresh produce.

Also, keep your hand clean. Don’t forget to wash your hands after you store the groceries.

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