Netflix Luther Ending Explained: Who is that at the end of The Fallen Sun?

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netflix luther ending explained who is that at the end of the fallen sun

Warning: the article has spoilers for the show

Idris Elba is back in his trench coat as John Luther in the upcoming Netflix film Luther: The Fallen Sun, which may include his darkest case to date.

Luther begins the new film in prison for his activities during the final season of the BBC series. But, it is not long until he chooses to escape in order to apprehend David Robey (Andy Serkis), a savage serial killer terrorizing London.

All of this culminates in a suspenseful ending that occurs outside of London (we know, shocking for Luther) and an open-ended conclusion that sets up a potential sequel and may leave you wondering what it all means.

So let’s examine the conclusion of Luther: The Fallen Sun to explain everything. If you haven’t seen the film, the following contains major spoilers.

Luther Ending Explained

In a surprise reminiscent to Blofeld, Luther: The Fallen Sun reveals that Robey was mostly responsible for Luther’s imprisonment in the first place. Robey leaked a dossier of Luther’s transgressions to the media when Luther was near to locating a teenager Robey had kidnapped.

Robey was unable to let it rest and taunted Luther when he was behind prison, which, in hindsight, was a poor choice. After a close call in Piccadilly Circus, Luther chases Robey to his frigid fortress in Norway.

Luther is accompanied by his replacement, DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo), who is attempting to rescue her abducted daughter. Robey believed he could use her daughter to get Raine to kill Luther, but they ended up forming an alliance.

Robey initially has the upper hand, compelling them to partake in his warped Red Room (basically, an online site where people can watch people get tortured). Luther refuses to play ball and pursues Robey onto the ice, where they engage in a frigid struggle and Robey drowns.

Back in the Red Room, Raine manages to save her daughter, while Luther uses Robey’s phone under the ice to open the chamber, allowing him and Robey to escape.

Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley), who had been assisting in the search for Luther, arrives just in time to prevent Luther from suffering the same fate as Robey under the ice, and a happy ending appears imminent. Luther has been severely battered and stabbed by Raine (as part of Robey’s Red Room game), but he is in good health.

Obviously, there is still the vexing issue of Luther’s escape from prison to capture/kill Robey. Regardless of the number of serial murders you stop, even Luther must pay for a prison break — or does he?

Keep Reading

Who is Chief at the end of Luther?

Luther is airlifted back to London for treatment of his injuries following his detention. Unknown time later, he awakens in a government safe house, where he is greeted by Schenk.

Even Schenk is unaware of the identity of the mysterious cars that arrive just as the reunion concludes. He tells Luther, “I don’t think you’re going back to prison,” before speculating that they may be there for a “job offer.”

Luther encounters civil servant Tim Cranfield (Guy Williams), who praises Luther for his efforts in stopping Robey. Cranfield then informs Luther that “Chief wishes to speak with you” and motions for Luther to enter one of the cars.

And that is all we have currently. Luther appears to be cooperating, but who will he encounter? As he is no longer a police officer, it is reasonable to assume that Luther will become a secret agent or a spy.

Idris Elba has discussed making Luther into a James Bond-style continuing film series, so what better way than to grant him a license to kill? It would make sense to formalize Luther’s approach to pursuing serial killers, given he already essentially does as he pleases (and he’s quite excellent at it).

It is possible that, to the general public, Luther perished during the pursuit of Robey. As we learn on television before Luther awakens in the safe house, he “was believed to have incurred life-threatening injuries,” thus faking his death may be a simple step.

If there is a Luther sequel, or if he declines the job, we will presumably find out exactly what the job entails. But, the series will need to account for the fact that he is no longer a police officer, thus it makes sense to follow the secret agent/spy path.

As long as he can wear his trench coat, we expect Luther to be content.

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