Omnibus Law and the New Capital City allegedly to recompense 2019 Presidential Election

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The relocation of Indonesia capital city (IKN) which has been decided by the government is still a national issue that makes many people interested in exploring further what is the basis of the government actually decided to move the capital.

The transfer is certainly a megaproject that is being hunted by investors both at home and abroad. Later, there was an opinion that the removal of the capital was allegedly a political deal of President Joko Widodo’s administration over the victory at the 2019 Presidential Election contest.

According to senior activist of the National Mandate Party (PAN), Hatta Taliwang, it is not without a basis that can happen. Allegedly due to the large capital needed to win the election, which was then ‘returned’ by one of them was the move of the State Capital.

“Oh, if it is part of it, maybe it is related to the funders, yes. Reply the favor, pay back. If the context is possible, it could be,” Hatta Taliwang said, Thursday (12/3).

Hatta also explained, moreover, the funds to move the capital are indeed quite fantastic. It reaches IDR 466 trillion and only 19 percent using state funds. The rest is managed by the private sector. In this case domestic and foreign investors.

Moreover, he continued, at the time of the 2019 Presidential Election there were many investors who also supported both candidates. It is not even impossible; the Omnibus Law Bill is also a series of processes of political dealings.

“Because too much money is used or what. Yesterday, there were a lot of ‘investing in shares’. Well, this Omnibus Law is part of the demands of entrepreneurs to get facilities in investment and so on,” said Hatta Taliwang.

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