“Quarantine Trend: The Missing Strategy and Discoveries for Dalgona Coffee”

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Enhanced Community Quarantine has motivated people to find ways to have fun at home. For others, it is trying out every recipe and here’s the trend, Dalgona coffee – a whipped three-ingredient coffee topping on Tiktok and then on YouTube which has become viral. It is a Korean invention that has both fascinated and irritated anyone who has attempted to make this mixture.

The South Korean dalgona candy is influenced by Dalgona coffee, a toffee sponge that resembles the creamy dollop that tops the iced coffee.

But there are filipinos who felt that what they did was not that successful. Weel, there’s a resolution for that. Let’s check what were the mistakes in making the perfect dalgona coffee.

  1. Using Three-in-one instant coffee will not be effective.
  • Many people’s greatest mistake is to believe that any coffee, including the premixed sachets they love, would do. This blend, however, also includes other ingredients not contained in the original three ingredients: instant coffee granules, sugar, and water.
  1. Adding not enough sugar to it.
  • The Dalgona coffee ingredients aren’t the only significant part of the list. As like other baking recipes, proportions are important and it is very, very important to its success in this case.
  1. Whisk is the key
  • Unfortunately, when finished with either a whisk or a hand mixer this recipe is best. A stand mixer might not be able to manage the small amount of mixture in their bowl unless you’re trying to make a big batch.

Using the blender? Although the blender is a good idea for other recipes, it will heat up the mixture, preventing the production of froth.

  1. Too much water added.
  • Is the mix still watery? The water is a very small quantity, but add too little, and you can find it hard to whisk a thicker mixture. Add too much, and someone will end up whisking forever.
  1. After some time, he quit whisking.
  • This recipe will also test someone’s endurance, as it will take some time to whisk. This will go from watery to frothy in seconds by use a hand mixer and 15 minutes by hand, the stage from frothy to a whipped, thickened froth is at least 8 minutes.

There are also ways to spice this up. Here are the few examples of it:

  1. Torch Dalgona Coffee
  • Replace the 2 Tbsp white sugar. Through the confectioner’s sugar, whip until it foams, move to the tube container, pipe the mixture over the milk and torch the surface until it becomes golden brown.
  1. Dirty Horchata
  • Just add cinnamon to your milk and also finish it with a splash of cinnamon.
  1. Dalgona Coffee with Coffee Jelly
  • Imply making your normal dalgona coffee, apply the coffee jelly and garnish with the black cocoa powder afterwards.
  1. Dalgona Matcha
  • A new plash of chilled all-purpose cream / whipped cream in your mixture then place it in the fridge for a while until you start whisking until it foams.

The success of Dalgona Coffee can be attributed to its instagram-worthy look, too. The ingredients are inexpensive, the process is kind of odd but still easy to follow, but it is the finished product’s visual appearance that has everyone making their own copies of it and posting it on social media themselves. At least, even when we’re trapped in our own houses, we get to be a barista.

Filipinos are creative and resourceful and no doubt that there will be more people who will create new recipes from this trend. This is one of the ways to discover something new while in a lockdown season.

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