Questionable Instances Deserve Investigation

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 Philippines Philippines – The Commission on Elections said Saturday that it is investigating four problematic duplicates of political decision returns (ERs) from three areas, which were prior hailed by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting.

In view of this, Prior, the non-benefit bunch said there were four duplicates of ERs with inconsistencies, which were produced from surveying areas situated in Masbate, Quezon and Cebu.

The Trama centers contain the vote includes in the public and neighborhood surveys in a specific area, and are printed by vote-counting machines (VCMs).

Comelec Commissioner John Rex Laudiangco said that they have transferred the worry to their directing board and the IT division (ITD).

Laudiangco unveiled the underlying appraisals of the ERs in question. Two cases might have been ERs printed during the last testing and fixing, which happened days before the 2022 surveys.

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The third case might have been a mistake with respect to the electing board which rashly shut the democratic before all votes were in. “What the EB did, after understanding their mistake, is to re-zero the machine, clump feed the voting forms, and close and communicate later on,” he said.

Laudiangco added they are likewise investigating the last case, however said the sent ER appears to matches the one which the political decision official has.

Nonetheless, he focused on that these are only the primer appraisals and promised that they will share the eventual outcomes of the examination soon.

The survey body is investigating coursing tweets which showed pictures and a video of political race records that were apparently forgotten about on an empty parcel in Amadeo, Cavite. Preservationist Rodne Galicha raised the issue on Friday and said the reports might have come from the Tondo areas.

Morever, Comelec’s Laudiangco said they have connected with the Regional Election Directors in Region 4A and Metro Manila, the common political decision boss of Cavite and the pressing and delivery panel.

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