Eleksyon 2022 voting reminders

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 ASEAN ASEAN – The Philippines will have national and municipal elections on May 9, 2022, to elect a new government.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m., according to the Commission on Elections.

Check your status on COMELEC’s online precinct locator before arriving to your voting site so you don’t get any surprises on election day.

Following that, you may proceed with the instructions below:

1. Get your temperature taken at the polling station. You may still vote at a designated isolation voting site if you have a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms.

2. Visit the Voter’s Assistance Desk to get your precinct, sequence number, and designated room or clustered precinct.

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3. Report to your designated room and inform the Electoral Board of your name, precinct, and sequence numbers.

4. A ballot, a ballot secrecy folder, and a marking pen will be provided to you. Before filling out your vote at the polling station, inspect it for rips or markings.

5. Completely darken the oval next to the candidate’s name. Always vote the maximum number of times per position permitted. Always use the Comelec marking pen.

6. Place the ballot in the machine that counts votes (VCM). Your ballot should not be photographed. Do not leave the precinct with it.

7. Verify that the candidates for whom you voted are accurate on your voter’s receipt before depositing it in the receptacle. If not, notify the Chairman of the Electoral Board so that it may be noted for future objections. Do not take  a picture of your receipt.

8. Have your right forefinger marked with the indelible ink.

Remember to bring a pen and valid identification card, wear a mask, and adhere to all health and safety regulations. Arrive early since large queues are expected. If rain is expected, dress comfortably and carry a fan or umbrella. Because lines might be lengthy and the weather can be hot, bring a water bottle.

You may bring a kodigo of candidates to vote for, but don’t bring any campaign materials.

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