Ramadan 2023 in Malaysia : Fasting timing and date across the country

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ramadan 2023 in malaysia fasting timing and date across the country

The beginning of the holy month of Ramadan is a reason for celebration for Muslims all around the world as well as an opportunity to observe the Ramadan fast, one of Islam’s five pillars.

Despite the fact that Ramadan fasting times vary from country to country, they may typically be characterized as lasting “from dawn until dusk,” which means that Muslims are prohibited from engaging in husband-wife contact for as long as the sun is still up.

When will Ramadan 2023 begin?

The beginning of Ramadan has always been accompanied by a certain air of mystery and introspection. In the past, religious leaders and thinkers have made this judgment in the shadows while searching for certain sightings connected to the moon’s cycle and appearance.

In 2023, fasting is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 23, the day after the moon will be visible to the unaided eye at sunset on March 22.

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Yet, it’s vital to keep in mind that Ramadan dates vary in various nations according to the lunar cycle, albeit generally only by a day. Hence, where you live will have a significant impact on the answer to the issue of when Ramadan 2023 begins.

Fasting hours in Malaysia and around the Country

Muslims in Malaysia traditionally observe a 12- to 14-hour fast each day. Compared to other areas in the northern hemisphere, it is quite brief.

The timings for Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur are as follows and correspond to the time of sunset and sunrise: Sehri is at 06:08 am, and Iftar is at 7:25 pm.

Middle Eastern nations including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others typically observe a 14- to 15-hour fast. Fasting in these nations may be much more difficult due to the extreme heat, even though the hours aren’t as lengthy as some of the places on the list.

The duration of the day varies from location to region, which is primarily the cause of the variability in fasting hours. This has to do with the time of year and other technical things that affect how long or short the sun seems depending on where you are.

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