Raya-ing your iPhone: Hints, tricks and enjoyable stuff!

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iPhone photographer Hux demonstrated the ease of Portrait mode on the new iPhone SE

This Raya is expected to be a depressed one for many Malaysians, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic ‘s multiple restrictions in effect. Still, technology is available to help keep in touch as well as entertain over the long weekend.

If you happen to have the latest Apple iPhone SE, why not take as many pictures as you can with Portrait mode? Portrait mode allows the subject to be better emphasized with a pleasant blurred background.

Ahady Rezan, an iPhone photographer best known as Hux, posted some of his family photos taken with the iPhone SE.

He had some ideas for those who want to make the best out of their iPhone photos:

To align the shot using gridlines. A switch on camera gridlines is one of the simplest and fastest ways to boost your smartphone images.

Play about with the blocking of light. Color blocking can help to highlight the elements of a photo you want to highlight, such as a plant or something else with a bold shade.

Look for various viewpoints. Taking photos from a special, surprising perspective will render them more memorable — it helps to build an impression with the subjects of depth or height.

Feel able to zoom in. Instead, seek to get closer to your subject — or take the shot from a default point, and then then crop it up.

Set the manual exposure to your camera apps. Tapping the screen when the camera on the phone doesn’t just re-focus the lens on a different subject, it also changes automatically how much light the camera lets in.

Take the candid ones. That’s how casual images convey the mood and meaning of a moment more effectively

If you want a new playlist for Raya, Apple Music will have a special one on Friday, May 22 featuring artists including Kotak, Fazura and Sezairi.

A collection of applications is also worth checking out to keep you active, or turn a new leaf when Raya comes around.

So, If you’re going to screw with your phone (like so many of us on average days) you may as well lower your shame by claiming that you’re grooming your inner photographer / ease the Raya blues with music / learning new behaviors.

If you’re using software to close the divide with your loved ones or to better yourself, it’s the niat (intention) that will eventually make all the difference.

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