Police ambush 2 foreigners and confiscate 821 kg of methamphetamine

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The National Police Criminal Investigation Unit unloaded methamphetamine weighing 821 kilograms on Takari Street, Taktakan District, Serang City, Banten. Sabu was stored in a warehouse in the middle of a residential area.

National Police Chief of Police Commissioner Listyo Sigit Prabowo said, in the operation, the National Police Satgassus Team arrested 2 suspects. They are Basheir Ahmad from Pakistan and Adel Saeed Yaslam Awadh from Yemen. The two met for the first time in Yemen in 2000.

Then, they decided to distribute methamphetamine in Indonesia, after doing the spice business. They then chose to save the methamphetamine in the Serang region.

Listyo explained that his party had conducted an investigation for about six months to dismantle the network. At that time, the Police Criminal Investigation Team secured a ship and a number of crew members, but no methamphetamine was found.

“Goods (meth) just entered two weeks ago. (Involving Indonesian citizens) we are investigating,” he explained.

Listyo said the arrest was carried out in a shop located on Jalan Takari, Taktakan, Taktakan District, Serang City, Banten Province.

Perpetrators disguised methamphetamine stored in cardboard boxes stacked velvet tamarind.

Evidence was stored in parcels of 491 kg plastic containers, 147 kg reel white plastic, wrapped in 93 kg plastic tape, 90 kg brown duct tape, and 0.1 kg plastic. So that the total is 821.1 kilograms.

The methamphetamine was sent from Iran via the southern coast route at Bayah and Tanjung Lesung in South Banten.

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