SBY: Government underrates the beginning of coronavirus spread

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The entry of the new coronavirus or COVID-19 into Indonesia is inseparable from government actions that are considered to be an understatement. Now, the public is haunted by the spread of the deadly virus from Wuhan, China. This was conveyed by the sixth President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

“Maybe initially it was over-confident, under-estimate, while the statement of a number of officials I value is incorrect (misleading),” said SBY, Wednesday (3/18).

Nevertheless, the former chairman of the Democratic Party appreciated the government which is now swift in handling the coronavirus outbreak. SBY also asked the government to be more serious in dealing with the virus.

“I think also the people of Indonesia, welcomed the steps of the government to increase efforts to deal with the coronavirus. More serious, or very serious, steps are indeed needed, “he said.

According to him, the Indonesian people will be more calm in facing the rise of the coronavirus outbreak if the government is able to deal with the right steps, right and credible. The government must emulate the success of other countries which are considered to have succeeded in overcoming Covid-19.

“What can and must be done, and what cannot. Of course all in accordance with the internationally accepted corona protocol. This is called “guidance” and “direction”, he explained.

In addition, information submitted by the government must be transparent. So that people do not panic facing the virus that has infected more than 180 thousand people.

“People also expect” guidance “received from the government to fit into one another. There is no difference between the central government and regional governments, “concluded SBY.

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