“Sharing is Caring: A Coronavirus Survivor is Ready to Help by Donating his Plasma”

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Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 09:02 am

Whenever there are recoveries stated in the news, people are being thrilled with hope to look on the good news despite the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

A California man diagnosed with and healed from coronavirus has donated his plasma to help others battle the potentially deadly virus.

Jason Garcia found on March 6 that he had a slight cough and coughing.

The 36-year-old Escondido, California, aerospace engineer didn’t think too much about it. But he found a headache that had started to follow his cough while on a work trip later. Within a day, he also had a fever and body aches that quickly came and went. Then he began to feel shortness of breath.

He stayed almost 10 days in his house, confined to his office or guest room, staying away from his Navy wife of active duty and their 11-month-old daughter.

He began to feel better and on March 18, he said, he found himself “symptom-free.” He got a letter from San Diego county saying it was safe for him to come out of isolation and rejoin the world on March 23.

He shared on social media to celebrate his recovery and let his friends know he had been diagnosed with coronavirus and was healthier.

Health officials at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange County, California, also took to social media at the same time to claim they were searching for someone who had been infected with coronavirus and had healed to assist with an experimental procedure to possibly save another coronavirus patient’s life.

They asked him to send a donation of plasma to a patient with coronavirus who was in desperate condition and unresponsive to other treatments.

The donation of plasma would allow the current patient with coronavirus to obtain antibodies from Garcia, a healed patient, to help combat the disease, Wendy Escobedo, director of renal services nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospital said in a video given by hospital.

He donated his plasma to three patients on April 1, for experimental transfer.

For further updates, the physicians told him they donated all of his plasma and that the patient who was in the worst condition has some changes.

The patient was taken off some medicine, is safer in terms of oxygenation and is doing day by day incrementally better.

This kind of recovery that has the potential to help others who are infected by COVID-19 gives hope to the medical field in pushing the treatment with effective result.

In this trying times, may all who have recovered be willing to help by sharing their plasma knowing that’s safe to be used.

There are endless possibilities in beating COVID-19.

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