Singapore, Japan to Open Green Lane on September for Important Businesses and Official Travellers

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Singapore and Japan recently agreed to open a green lane for important business and official travel for people from both countries. Through this, ministries of foreign affairs of both countries stated in a joint statement that the Business Track agreement would help restore relations and promote economic recovery for Japan and Singapore. Singapore has similar agreements with other countries but this is the first agreement to be introduced by Japan with another country.

The Business Track would enable secure resumption of cross-border travel and business exchanges with the requisite safeguards in place for public health, the countries said. These precautions include pre-departure and post-arrival checking, as well as the need for first 14 days in the receiving country to follow a regulated itinerary.

Japan’s foreign ministry said in a separate statement that restricted business activities would be permitted during the 14-day stay-home period. This partly loosens constraints on those practices. Travelers must however consider additional quarantine steps, such as sending a timetable of their activities in Japan. The ministry added that the business track is primarily for business travelers in the short term. Operational information, including specifications, health protocols and application process, will be posted on the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SafeTravel websites in Singapore.

On the Singapore Market Route, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said in a media conference, they will later extend it to other countries, hope it can be a good model. At present, Singapore requires tourists from five countries, with varying restrictions in place. Then Singapore reopened its boundaries with Malaysia on August 17, under two schemes – the Mutual Green Lane and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement.  From Tuesday, general travelers from New Zealand and Brunei began arriving in Singapore, while a Reciprocal Green Lane was announced on Sept. 1.

The Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong said on Thursday that the Republic welcomes talks between the two sides with Hong Kong on the gradual resumption of cross-border travel.

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