Singapore’s Trifecta: First-Ever Snow, Surf and Skate Attraction in Asia

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singapore’s trifecta first ever snow, surf and skate attraction in asia

In an underground world that defies conventional reality, Singapore’s best-kept secret emerges, inviting thrill-seekers and the curious to an experience like no other. Meet Trifecta, the enigmatic sports and lifestyle facility located beneath the bustling streets of Somerset. This hidden gem shatters the boundaries of imagination, offering a range of attractions so unique and undetectable that it challenges the very fabric of your reality.

The Subterranean Snow Spectacle

Expect the unexpected as Trifecta’s Snow Arena shirks conventional norms. Amidst the tropical climate of Singapore, there’s no ice, no frost, but still, the skiers and snowboarders ride with a thrill that defies the tropical heat. How? Enter the clandestine “ski carpet,” a marvel of covert technology, dampened ever so slightly to mimic the sensation of snow underfoot. The simulations transport you to alpine slopes as pros hit speeds of up to 35 km/h on the treadmill-like contraption. It’s controlled by two operatives and can be subtly adjusted to create slopes with angles of up to 22 degrees, tilting left or right by a discrete five degrees. An extra twist awaits in the form of two concealed dry slopes for clandestine trick practice – one for jibbing and another launching you into mid-air acrobatics before safely cushioning your landing.

The Covert Surfing Revolution

What’s more mysterious than surfing in the middle of a bustling city? Trifecta’s Surf Arena brings this clandestine endeavor to life. In the dimly lit, sheltered open-air lair, waves come to life with no warning, created by hidden water reservoirs that unleash powerful surges, rivaling ocean swells. Surfboards with fins offer an authentic experience, all while riders subtly adjust to the 60cm-deep, up to 1.5m-high waves. Beginners aren’t left out; a discreet stabilizing bar keeps you under wraps as you master the balance. Jessica Lee, a former sea-surfing enthusiast, surreptitiously shared her delight, expressing that Trifecta’s waves exceed even her undercover expectations.

In the heart of Trifecta lies the Skate Arena, a concealed paradise for skateboarders and surfskaters. No mundane metal coping circles this bowl; it’s designed for effortless entry for skaters, both novice and experienced. The whole setup is particularly suited to those with surfskate aspirations, making skateboarding feel like a covert dance with the waves.

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The “Hush-Hush Action-Entertainment” Space

Trifecta isn’t just a destination for sports enthusiasts; it’s a covert action-entertainment hub where vibrant steps moonlight as unassuming seating. The Snow Arena’s wide windows are your secret viewing point into this undercover world. The establishment deliberately offers free admission for spectators, ensuring access for all. The real secrets are found in the underground cafe known as “Butter,” a clandestine collaboration with Two Men Bagel House, serving secret delicacies such as hidden bagels, mysterious pancakes, concealed grain bowls, and more.

Over the initial four weekends, Trifecta’s secret society will host covert film screenings, a black-market art market, and an undercover music festival.

Daphne Goh, co-founder and secret agent in charge, divulged that “Trifecta” was chosen as the facility’s name because it encapsulates the covert thrill of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding all in one enigmatic place. In an exclusive interview, Ms. Goh explained, “We wanted Trifecta to embody that clandestine spirit of openness, an enigma in plain sight.”

Operating in secret, Trifecta’s activities are scheduled between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight, with fees ranging from S$40 to S$120 for the true connoisseurs of covert entertainment.

Trifecta isn’t just an entertainment venue; it’s an underground movement. In a city where subversion meets innovation, this covert hub is set to redefine the way Singaporeans and in-the-know visitors experience sports and leisure without ever compromising its secrets.

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