Thai PM Says He’s Not A Puppet, Explains ISOC Concerns

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thai pm says he’s not a puppet, explains isoc concerns

Amidst swirling rumors and concerns regarding the potential dissolution of Thailand’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is taking a stand to clear the air. This clarification centers on his administration’s commitment to modernizing the military while upholding democratic principles, signifying a shift away from ISOC’s historical role.

What are the Concerns over ISOC?

These concerns emerged following speculation and misconceptions that the ISOC, a vital security agency in Thailand, might face dissolution under Srettha’s leadership. However, the Prime Minister is eager to emphasize that dissolving the ISOC is not an official policy of the Pheu Thai Party, and his recent policy address to Parliament contained no such intentions.

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Throughout Thailand’s history, the ISOC played a crucial role in national security, particularly during the Cold War. Prime Minister Srettha envisions a more contemporary mission for the agency. This vision includes ensuring democratic stability, safeguarding the rights and freedoms of Thai citizens, and contributing to economic stability during crises.

The government under Srettha’s leadership is committed to a gradual approach in a political landscape that has been deeply divided for almost two decades. This approach aims to prevent destructive upheaval and prioritize governance continuity within an electoral system for sustainable democracy.

Srettha underlines that he campaigned for support and secured legitimacy from the people and Parliament as the Pheu Thai Party’s prime ministerial candidate. He emphasizes that labeling him as a puppet underestimates the people’s will. This clarification is crucial as Thailand navigates its path amidst a rapidly evolving political landscape.

The future role of ISOC remains a topic of discussion and concern, as the Thai government seeks to balance national security with evolving democratic principles. The Prime Minister’s efforts to address these concerns reflect his commitment to an inclusive and democratic vision for Thailand’s future.

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