The Philippine ‘Witch Dog’ heredity could be as old as 36,000 years

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the philippine witch dog heredity could be as old as 36000 years

There is a species of wild dog in Mindanao’s Bukidnon ancestral region that does not breed with other canines. It may be 36,000 years old, hunts cobras, climbs trees, and has keen claws. Locals refer to it as a tiger dog and aso ng gubat. In the Visayas and Luzon, it is also known as a witch dog. In Bukidnon, the aso ng gubat has a brindle coat that is dark brown with black stripes.

They can survive only on the foliage of the jungle, hunt snakes, and climb trees in search of prey, according to Asmus. “Wild blooded ones have little to no resistance to common domesticated canine illnesses, making them difficult to maintain domestically.”

According to Asmus, the dog’s genes are among the most pure native breeds in the nation since it only mates with other canines of its own kind.

The dog is a prized opponent in illicit dog fights because it has an excellent sense of killing in the wild. No of the size or breed, they will murder another dog, according to Asmus.

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Even Asmus struggles to prevent his 10 aso ng gubat from slaughtering livestock.

“They destroy household dogs, goats, cats, and other types of poultry if I let them run free. They don’t distinguish between a cat and a rat.”

Asmus claims that the aso ng gubat possesses extra-sharp claws that it utilizes for climbing trees to pursue prey, unlike the majority of dog breeds in the globe. The most intriguing aspect is that it regularly sheds these claws in order to grow new ones rather than using them up. According to Asmus, this hasn’t been seen in other dog breeds (normal dogs do lose nails, but it’s typically because of disease).

The aso ng gubat is an ancient oral myth that has been passed down orally by the Lumads of Bukidnon for generations. Anyone who harms an aso ng gubat will be cursed, according to folklore. If you kill one, you will curse your entire family.

The aso ng gubat may actually be an ancient indigenous breed of wild dog, as suggested by the existence of such ancient lore, rather than just a common street dog.

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