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oshi no ko episode 2 when and where to watch

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 03:05 pm

On April 12, 2023, the Oshi no Ko anime adaptation will finally hit the big screen, so get ready for a wild and intense voyage. The anime, which is based on the well-known manga series, tells the story of a pop idol and the rural gynecologist who admires her.

The first episode of this eagerly awaited series, created by the legendary Studio Doga Kobo, lasts 90 minutes. Here are the information for Oshi no Ko’s first episode’s release, airing time, and online streaming.

Release date

On April 12, 2023, the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the well-known manga series Oshi no Ko is scheduled to premiere on Japan’s Tokyo MX channel. Fans have been anticipating the premiere of this dark and captivating anime, which tells the story of popular pop star Ai Hoshino and the rural gynecologist Goro Amemiya who adores her.

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The story of Oshi no Ko is a sinister and alluring one that explores the harmful and frequently kept secrets of the entertainment business. Ai Hoshino, a massively popular Japanese pop star whose life appears to be ideal, and Goro Amemiya, a rural gynecologist and ardent fan, are at the center of the narrative.

Goro is resurrected as Ai’s child after a horrific accident, and as he gets older, he starts to see the harsh reality of the entertainment business. As Goro learns the secrets and ulterior motives of those around him, including Ai herself, the plot takes a tragic turn.

Oshi no ko – who is the father?

The main antagonist of the Oshi no Ko manga series is Hikaru Kamiki. He is the one who fathered Ruby and Aquamarine Hoshino with Ai Hoshino before having her murdered by proxy for disclosing her address to an irate fan.

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