The Possibilty of Recovery: Mother of Twins Survived the Threat of COVID-19

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Mother of twins recovers from coronavirus

Standing in the midst of a worldwide pandemic under quarantine is exhausting enough so consider the extra burden of being pregnant.

Researchers are just starting to realize how COVID-19 will impact pregnant women and their unborn children and as the community is focused on protecting the disabled and other disadvantaged populations, pregnant women may be ignored.

During breastfeeding, the immune system is less aggressive, ensuring that the genetically distinct baby developing inside the mother is not targeted. That leaves the mum more vulnerable to respiratory infections. Similarly, during birth, the depth of the chest cavity reduces, leaving the lungs with fewer work room due to pressure from the expanding womb. That is why pregnant women sometimes encounter breathing problems, particularly during the last three months of pregnancy. It could make COVID-19 harder, too.

COVID-19 is not the first viral infection that affects female pregnants. We know that pregnant women were particularly at risk from previous coronavirus infections. Early reports on novel coronavirus from China did not suggest any reason for concern, but scientists were wary of leaping to any conclusions before further evidence became available.

However though it has not been proven whether the mother may inject her foetus or infant, based on the extent of the mother’s COVID-19 infection, the fetus could also be in risk. The bulk of newborns have been asymptomatic in the systematic study. Among the symptomatic babies, the most common symptom was mild breathing problems, which was reported in 11 cases. Only two were severely ill-fatally in one case.

But none of the gravely ill newborns in these trials tested positive for COVID-19. It is likely that the symptoms of these newborns were not due to the novel inflammation of their mother’s coronavirus but may be explained for other causes, such as premature delivery or cesarean section. In any case, parents are warned to be mindful of the unlikely risk that after the COVID-19 infection of their mother, a infant may get ill.

Despite the riska nd worry about this, there’s a good news from a filipina in Navotas, Manila. For being a mother of twins was never an easy delivery but this woman managed to give birth and recovered from the pandemic virus.

Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco made the announcement on Wednesday night and said patient Judy Ann Sarabia’s twin babies have tested the disease negative.

Sarabia was confined for two weeks before she was released.

Sarabia is Navotas City’s sixth resident, who has recovered from COVID-19. Tiangco had shared expectations there would follow further.

May every recovery inspire people to protect and maintain every life better. Frontliners all strive to serve their obligation, given the danger and suffering, and maintain the war against COVID-19.

As of April 22, Navotas has already confirmed 25 cases of COVID-19 with six recoveries, nine admitted to hospitals, four under house quarantine and six dead.

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