UAE Action: Stem Cell Extraction gives Positive Results in Dealing with COVID-19

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UAE stem cell treatment shows positive results for Covid19

The pandemic virus has challenged medical researchers in stepping up to new strategies to combat COVID-19.

One of these is the “Stem cell treatment, also known as regenerative medicine, uses stem cells or their variants to facilitate the healing process to diseased, damaged, or wounded tissue. It is the next step of organ transplantation which uses cells that are small in number, instead of donated organs.

Researchers are making stem cells function in a laboratory. Such stem cells are engineered to specialize in different cell types, such as cells in the heart muscle, blood cells or nerve cells.

UAE Researcher’s drug was given to 73 COVID-19 patients who were all successfully diagnosed and recovered from the virus

Then one can insert the specialized cells into a human. For example, if the person is suffering from heart failure, the cells may be inserted into the muscle. The stable transplanted cardiac muscle cells will then help to restore damaged cardiac muscle. In line with this, there’s a medical action made by UAE Stem Cell Center.

A production of an advanced and successful COVID-19 vaccine for stem cell infections has been getting an attention. The procedure was developed by a team of doctors and experts at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, ADSCC and includes the isolation and re-introduction of stem cells from the patient’s own blood following activation. The patent was given for the revolutionary process of collecting the stem cells.

The drug was given to 73 COVID-19 patients in the UAE who were all successfully diagnosed and recovered from the virus by inhaling the medication into their lungs after it was nebulised into a fine mist. It is believed to have its beneficial role through regenerating the lung cells and modulating the immune system to keep it from overreacting to the infection with COVID-19 and doing more harm to healthy cells.

The therapy has undergone the initial phase of clinical trials with effectiveness, demonstrating its efficacy. None of the patients who received the medication reported significant adverse effects, and no complications were observed for COVID-19 patients with the traditional treatment protocols. Trials to confirm the treatment’s efficacy are underway and are expected to be finished in a few weeks’ time.

The medication was provided to patients in accordance with traditional medical care and will continue to be implemented as an alternative to existing clinical procedures rather than as a replacement.

In fact, this operation is a compliment to the intervention arsenal and is indicative of the UAE Government’s determined initiative and determination to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to reduce the burden of the disease on the healthcare system, non-pharmacological approaches to deter the transmission of COVID-19 such as remaining at home, social distancing and infection prevention and control strategies remain important.

In view of this, The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center is rising in medical research as a healthcare specialist facility that specializes on cell therapy, regenerative medicine and cutting-edge stem cell science where we can see that they’re doing a strategic approach to combat the pandemic virus.

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