UAE on Strengthening the Value of it’s Workers through Exemplary Strategies in Beating COVID-19

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UAE authorities have set in motion a range of safety steps that has set an example to the citizens

For the past months, – state, global, and foreign organizations have operated relentlessly to curtail its spread since the epidemic started. Authorities are struggling to develop new medicines and technology to prevent coronavirus from crippling national health systems , especially in transit hubs that see citizens moving around the globe, as well as in developed countries where medical care is required.

In view of this, The UAE authorities have set in motion a range of safety steps that has set an example to the citizens and their workers. for example, there are available regional quarantines and airport screenings. Hand sanitizers are now in all hotels, government departments are encouraged to connect digitally rather than via face-to – face meetings, and this week a pilot program begins teaching through distance learning in government schools and to each medical stations to keep all the people from being transmitted by the virus.

In fact, Al Hajri, General Director of the Municipality of Dubai, voiced his appreciation for all front-line staff, especially the cleaners who keep the city and its streets clean and protected from the virus. Providing the the priviledge of an early leave, making sure that they are informed in keeping their place sterilized, giving regular meals to ease the tension of work and celebrating their unwavering service in the country through International Workers Day.

Morever, The Municipality of Dubai is taking comprehensive precautionary measures for its frontline workers. To tackle the situation, all teams have worked to raise awareness among staff and distribute vital products. The employees of the Municipality of Dubai, including waste treatment cleaners, undertook comprehensive instruction on precautionary steps. They also conducted extensive sterilization of residential facilities for the workers.

There has been a strong degree of understanding among all the staff from the outset. More than 4,000 staff in 10 specialist teams, alongside a vast number of volunteers, civilians and locals, are employed to provide different tasks on the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19.

Dubai Municipality has a broad squad to carry out sterilization procedures and inspection teams are employed to perform their duties in labour camps, construction sites, shopping centers, stores. Not only that, they ensure preventive steps that were being followed to the maximum degree of precaution for it’s workers.

In commitment with distancing, Digital learning has never been more available as the environment adapts to online functioning and physical distancing. This initiative gives all UAE citizens the ability to develop the skills required to handle changing business conditions.

We can see that leadership has worked quickly to ensure the stabilization of the national economy with its stimulus measures, and it is crucial that institutions now play a critical role in delivering additional technologies and digital resources such that

UAE citizens and workers can adapt to the most on-demand skills of the future.

Because of this, the UAE’s advanced healthcare infrastructure has enabled it achieve one of the world’s fastest Covid-19 recovery levels that has been reported. Increased monitoring and early intervention were influential in increasing the amount of recoveries. No doubt that it gives an exemplary keenness on getting the people especially the workers to obtain an absolute health prevention against the disease.

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