What happened to Filipinos in Israel amid conflict?

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what happened to filipinos in israel amid conflict

Filipinos have been suffering in Israel because of the recent Israel-Hamas conflict. Amid the conflict, one Filipino is reported to have been killed in Israel. The authorities in the Philippines are currently verifying the report about the death of a Filipino caregiver. 

What happened to Filipinos in Israel amid the conflict? What did the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv say? Are Filipinos suffering in Israel?

What happened to Filipinos in Israel?

Six Filipinos are reported to have gone missing amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. One Filipino caregiver is also reported to be killed in Israel amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

A Filipino woman also said that her husband was being held by armed individuals. She said that she saw her husband in a viral social media video.

Missing Filipinos cannot be reached via mobile or their social media accounts. Earlier, 22 Filipinos, who were initially reported missing, have been rescued and taken to hospitals.

The Philippine Embassy’s Labor Attache and Welfare Officer said that Filipinos rescued from dangerous areas were taken to a hotel in Tel Aviv.

Currently, there are around 30,000 Filipinos in Israel. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, there are around 150 Filipinos in Gaza.

What did the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv say? 

The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv issued a travel advisory for Filipinos, recommending the postponement of all travel plans from the Philippines to Israel amid the conflict between Hamas and Israelis. 

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What did the Department of Migrant Workers say?

The Department of Migrant Workers advised Filipinos in Israel to “stay put and find shelter” amid the conflict. Filipinos in Israel are urged not to go out. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines said that Filipinos living in Israel did not make repatriation requests. However, the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv has planned to help Filipinos living in Israel.

Israel-Hamas conflict

Israel-Hamas conflict erupted on Saturday, October 7. Hamas attacked the Israeli settlements. Israelis declared a “state of war” and pledged to fight against Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to retaliate against Hamas attacks.

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