WhatsApp Redesigns App for iOS, Adds New Features

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whatsapp redesigns app for ios, adds new features

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is redesigning and enhancing its interface to boost the overall user experience for iOS. There will be new colors and new buttons. Users will be able to filter chats. 

The redesign will bolster Meta’s app with revamped buttons for the navigation bar, giving a modern and stylish look. Users will have a filter feature on the redesigned app, through which they can sort their chats using the two filters – personal conversations and business chats. This update will also be seen in the Android app and iPhone

According to a report, WhatsApp will have its primary color green, but some parts of the interface will be blue. The tab bar will boast a black tint, as will the app title and other buttons. WhatsApp has attributed its redesign to users’ demand. Moreover, there have been no improvements or implementations for a long time. This made the app outdated and not on par with competitor apps and platforms. 

Koto, the studio behind WhatsApp’s new universal design system, earlier said that WhatsApp is not a social media tool. It described the app as a secure, intimate product designed to give anyone, anywhere in the world the ability to connect and enact change. 

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It should be noted that WhatsApp beta version had the first major change, with the new option for users to send high-quality videos. It offered a significantly higher resolution of 1296 x 608, compared to its previous resolution of 880 x 416. 

The beta version brought about a WhatsApp visual change to the messaging app. The pop-up windows were redesigned to align with the latest Material Design guidelines. The pop-up windows were earlier square corners. The latest beta version saw the pop-ups given a rounder and smoother appearance. 

These minor and random changes were WhatsApp’s initial step towards a more comprehensive update of its user interface. And now, it’s undergoing a thorough redesign to keep up with the users’ ever-changing taste, for a more unified and visually appealing experience. 

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