When is International Men’s Day?

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when is international men's day

The eighth of March is observed as International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to commemorating the many accomplishments of women in areas like politics, culture, economics, and the arts.

In spite of the fact that the positive aims are pretty obvious – such as calling attention to gender equality, reproductive rights, as well as violence and abuse against women – there are still some people who do not exactly understand the significance of it.

Around the world, on November 19th of each year, people in 80 different nations commemorate International Men’s Day, often known as IMD.

It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness all over the world about the challenges that men experience, such as abuse, assault, homelessness, and suicide.

According to the website for the IMD, it is held annually and attempts to concentrate on “the positive impact men provide to the world, their families and communities.” Also, it seeks to increase awareness around the topic of men’s welfare by highlighting “positive role models.”

The aim of the celebration of International Men’s Day on November 19 is to draw attention to good displays of masculinity, improve gender relations, promote strong male role models, and increase awareness of men’s health issues. It is also a chance to honor men who do not fall into the typical expressions of masculinity, such as gay and bisexual men, transgender people, or people who are macho but do not identify as binary.

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History of International Men’s Day

In 1968, an American journalist by the name of John P. Harris published an editorial noting an imbalance in the Soviet system, which promoted International Women’s Day for female workers but failed to provide a male counterpart. Although though Harris believed that there should be a day to commemorate women, he claimed that the day was a fault in the communist system.

Thomas Oaster, director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, asked organizations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to host local International Men’s Day celebrations throughout the month of February in the early 1990s. Oaster sponsored similar events successfully for two years, but his attempt in 1995 was sparsely attended. Discouraged, he abandoned his intentions to continue the activity. Australia followed suit, leaving Malta as the only nation to continue the festivities.

Jerome Teelucksingh of the University of the West Indies resurrected the holiday in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. He recognized that although there was a day to honor dads, there was no day to honor fatherless males or young boys and teenagers. As his father had been an excellent role model for him, Teelucksingh understood the importance of positive male role models and chose to celebrate International Men’s Day on November 19 — the day of his father’s birthday as well as the day a local soccer team had united his country in their efforts to qualify for the world cup.

Since its reintroduction by Teelucksingh, International Men’s Day has served to promote positive aspects of male identity on the theory that men respond more positively to positive role models than to negative gender stereotypes. The purpose of the day is not to compete with International Women’s Day, but rather to emphasize the significance of men’s physical and mental health and positive masculinity.

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