Who is Jefferson Machado? Missing Brazillian Soap-Opera Actor

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who is jefferson machado missing brazillian soap opera actor

A well-known Brazilian soap opera star named Jefferson Machado disappeared from his Rio de Janeiro home over four months ago. Jefferson Machado was discovered dead in a trunk outside the residence of a known acquaintance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, some months after going missing.

A family friend, Cintia Hilsendeger, reported that Jefferson Machado, 44, was discovered dead on May 22, 2023 in a post on the actor’s Instagram profile. Authorities are still working to unravel the mystery surrounding the actor’s abduction and eventual death as the Brazilian performing community struggles to come to terms with the shocking finding.

What happened to Jefferson Machado?

The actor’s bones were discovered shackled and packed into a wooden chest that was buried six feet beneath the backyard of a home in Campo Grande, according to the authorities, who stated they are presently looking into a man. The anonymous suspect who was seen entering the house around a month ago supposedly rented it. Authorities discovered that the suspect knew Machado.

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R7 news reports Jairo Magalhes, the family’s attorney, stated in a statement, “He had his arms tied behind his head and buried in a trunk that is very similar to the ones in his own house.”

Authorities discovering a line wrapped around the actor’s neck prompted Malgahes to report that the actor’s body had symptoms of strangling. The formal cause of death, however, is still being looked at.

Early life

Brazilian actor Jefferson Machado began honing his profession in 1997. Machado is well recognized for co-writing and acting in the 2021 movie “Placebo Effect.”

Before going missing, Machado played in the drama “Reis,” and it was in Campo Grande that he was last seen. His remains were discovered there this month. In a house in Rio de Janeiro, Machado resided by himself.

According to reports, the actor’s family wasn’t even aware that he was missing until they heard from a non-governmental organization that his eight dogs had been left behind at his home in Rio de Janeiro. On the actor’s Instagram feed, the dogs were a recurring feature.

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