Who Is The Best Kpop Shipper 2023?

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who is the best kpop shipper 2023

The list of Kingchoice Couple Ship Vote For Kpop 2023 is shown below. The ranking may change as long as people keep voting. A well-known global voting website for the K-pop community is called KingChoice. In many categories, fans can cast their votes jointly and ask for votes for their favourite celebrities. One of the most contentious but noteworthy categories is the one titled “The most popular Kpop ship couple.”

1) Taehyung & Jungkook

South Korean vocalist Kim Tae-hyung, also known as V professionally, is a part of the boy band BTS. Three solo songs by V have been made available under the band’s name: “Stigma” in 2016, “Singularity” in 2018, and “Inner Child” in 2020. All three songs have achieved success on the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea.

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2) Taehyung & Jisoo

If a particular area of Twitter is to be believed, rapper Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK and BTS member Kim Taehyung are dating. The most recent is a collection of purportedly dating photos from a Gyeonggi eatery. It is a town that is situated outside of Seoul. According to the user name Gurumiharibo, the claimed pair had gone out to lunch.

3) Rosé & Lisa

Rosé and Lisa of BLACKPINK are rumoured to be at odds with one another. It is clear that Rosé wasn’t at her best and didn’t deliver her best performance. She also didn’t communicate with the other members very much, but Lisa was the one with whom she interacted the least.

4) Jungkook & Lisa

Both BTS boys and BLACKPINK ladies are consistently in the news because of their enormous fan bases throughout the globe. Every single K-pop band member is well-known for a distinct reason.

Anything about them makes the news. There was a moment when Lisa of BLACKPINK and Jungkook were rumoured to be dating. Their supporters went ballistic as soon as this untrue rumour started to spread. On Instagram, there are still fan pages with their names.

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5) Rose & Jennie

Jennie and Rose from BLACKPINKS left BLINKS in Los Angeles, and they were delighted to see them walking around the neighbourhood.

The two women were captured on camera while out and about shopping for children. BLINKS were pumped and anticipating some potential news and updates as a result of their arrival in the city.

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