Why is the movie ‘Plane’ banned in the Philippines?

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why is the movie 'plane' banned in the philippines

The distributor of the controversial American action thriller Plane has voluntarily “taken out” the film from local theaters, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) said Thursday, February 23.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Committee of Public Information and Mass Media, MTRCB Chairwoman and CEO Diorella Maria “Lala” Sotto-Antonio stated that the film Plane will no longer be shown in Filipino theaters because its distributor had removed it.

“As soon as we observed and learned that our distinguished Senators had concerns, we contacted our distributors.” Sotto-Antonio stated in Filipino, “Our agency issued an official statement from our board members who reviewed [the film].”

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“Throughout the process, [the distributors] voluntarily withdrew the picture from public exhibition,” she continued. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, MTRCB revealed that it received the letter from Screen Media Films Company on February 21, 2023.

This occurred after Filipino Senators voiced their concerns, stating that the film is “offensive to the nation’s name and reputation.”

Aircraft debuted in January of 2023. In the film, passengers found themselves in a “war zone” after their pilot made an emergency landing on Jolo Island in the Philippines, which was later proven to be a war-torn region.

Senator Robinhood Padilla, who presided over the Senate panel, emphasized that censorship is not being sought.

“We are not opposed to free and creative art, but we support informed consumption over unsuitable media. This includes the damage to the Philippines’ reputation and dignity, which is my greatest concern.”

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