Top 10 Job Websites in the Philippines

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top 10 job websites in the philippines

Back in the day, finding a job wasn’t always easy, but not any more. The time when we mostly looked for work on billboards, walls, bulletin boards, and newspapers is long gone. Currently, practically everything is done on the internet. And now, instead of checking the newspaper or the wall posts of actual businesses, job hunters may just click or tap on a smartphone anytime they want, wherever they are.

We’ve compiled a list of some websites you might check out when seeking work. The top 10 job websites in the Philippines are shown below:

1. Jobstreet

According to several sources like MoneyMax (2021) and Capati, Jobstreet is regarded as the greatest job portal in the Philippines (2020). You can create a career profile on Jobstreet and use it to apply for jobs that are posted there. Also, you can upload your resume, which will be added instantly to your application after you submit it for a job.

2. Kalibrr

The majority of Kalibrr’s features, like those of Jobstreet, are very beneficial to job seekers. You can create a profile on the platform and upload your resume using the account feature. Moreover, it contains a “refer to a friend” feature and a save feature. Finally, it offers a search engine with many useful features.

3. Indeed

Features on Indeed are largely identical to those on Kalibrr and Jobstreet. If you are a job seeker, you will be asked to search for a job using two criteria from the homepage: what the work entails and where. You can add filters to the search, and it is simple.

The usability of Truly is fantastic. It swiftly refreshes, returns results, and has an intuitive user interface.

4. Boss Job

Another job portal with a complete, user-friendly platform for job seekers is Boss Job. Also, it includes a “notify me of comparable employment” option that job seekers who are looking for chances may find useful.

5. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform as a whole includes LinkedIn Jobs. Like social media, LinkedIn is a sizable networking tool, but it is more formal.

LinkedIn profiles serve as both a networking profile and a source of information for recruiters. It includes not just hiring but also networking, working together, learning, taking part, and many other things.

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Being a professional social networking site, it permits posts, news, and blog articles that members utilise to share their experiences and skills and that others may interact with.

Additionally, LinkedIn has a chat tool that enables users—including recruiters, coworkers, and even experts—to interact and converse.

6. Facebook

While being mostly used for socialising with friends and family, Facebook also includes a feature that helps users find jobs in their area. 78.6% of all Filipinos are currently active Facebook users. Without a doubt, Facebook is the most widely used social media site in the Philippines, making it a great place to look for a job.


Working abroad has been a desirable option in the Philippines for a number of years. According to the Philippines Statistical Authority (PSA), there will be 2.2 million OFWs worldwide in 2019. The website is a great resource for finding jobs abroad. It has a search engine with filters for the country you want to apply to and the job’s keyword. In order to ensure that all jobs are authentic, the website works with the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to filter only accredited employers abroad.

8. Upwork & Freelancer

Upwork and Freelancer are both excellent places to hunt for freelancing jobs. These platforms allow you to look for jobs that you are qualified to do and then submit a bid for them. Customers are willing to accept offers from candidates like you.

9. Monster Jobs Philippines

Another job portal that offers easy-to-use and handy features is Monster Philippines. You can include the number of experiences in the search on Monster Philippines in addition to the job title and location. Nevertheless, as you move on to the search results page, it offers further useful filters, so it is not just restricted to this. It provides capabilities for creating profiles, uploading resumes or CVs, and direct application, just like the employment portals previously stated.

10. Online Jobs

A website devoted to remote employment is called Online Jobs. These positions are typically remote, allowing workers to do business from anywhere they choose without being confined to an actual workplace.

The growth of web-based portals that connect job searchers and businesses and make the hiring process simpler has made the job search process more convenient and accessible.

The most popular employment websites should be noted by job searchers so that their search and application processes are efficient and well-guided.

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