Woman Arrested for Spending US$86 Million Mistakenly Deposited by Bank

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woman arrested for spending us$86 million mistakenly deposited by bank

In a bizarre twist of fate, a 27-year-old Malaysian woman, Norazlina Awang, found herself at the center of an unexpected windfall when a whopping US$86.6 million (RM360 million) landed in her bank account due to a banking hiccup. Unfolding in Kuala Lumpur, Norazlina, employed as a clerk at a local car dealership, stumbled upon this colossal sum on February 1, 2023.

Caught up in the bewildering turn of events, Norazlina initially perceived the unexpected fortune as a generous bonus from her employer, a misconception that triggered a series of eyebrow-raising actions. 

Remarkably, she refrained from reporting the anomaly to the bank or authorities, opting instead for a lavish spending spree on luxury handbags, jewelry, clothing, and a car valued at RM300,000. She also extended financial gestures to relatives, friends, and charitable causes.

Blessing Turned to Mud? 

The comedy of errors took a serious turn when the undisclosed bank realized its blunder on February 15, 2023. Attempts to contact Norazlina for the return of the funds were met with indifference, as she continued to nonchalantly enjoy her newfound wealth. The bank, left with no recourse, reported the matter to the police on February 20, 2023, setting in motion a sequence of events that culminated in Norazlina’s arrest on February 23, 2023, at her rented apartment in Ampang.

Authorities seized a trove of items acquired with the misappropriated funds, including 16 handbags, 12 watches, four pairs of shoes, two sets of jewelry, and the aforementioned luxury car. Notably, Norazlina had spent approximately RM3.9 million of the erroneously deposited money, with the remaining RM356.1 million frozen by the bank.

Facing charges of criminal breach of trust and dishonest misappropriation of property, Norazlina appeared before the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court on February 24, 2023. Pleading not guilty, she was granted bail amounting to RM50,000. If convicted, she could potentially face up to 10 years of imprisonment, a fine, or a combination of both.

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As the legal saga unfolds, the focus has extended to the bank staff responsible for the error, with ongoing investigations into both the cause of the blunder and the recipients of Norazlina’s transferred funds. The case has ignited a wave of public interest and debate in Malaysia, with netizens expressing a spectrum of opinions – from sympathizing with Norazlina’s inadvertent windfall to criticizing her for perceived greed and dishonesty.

Drawing parallels to a similar incident in Australia in 2012, where a Malaysian student faced legal scrutiny for a mistaken windfall, questions arise about the robustness of banking security measures. In that case, the student was ultimately cleared of charges as the court found the bank failed to establish her wrongdoing or deception. 

The recent incident in Malaysia raises questions about the adequacy of security measures within the banking system and the potential consequences for both the recipient and the financial institution involved.

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